Make better decisions


Crush revenue goals with better decision making.
Our BridgeBot mines Shopify and Google Analytics data to give your team actionable insights in plain english.

customer FEEDBACK

Schoolhouse is amazed to see what Bridgetown was able to do with our already-existing Shopify and SEM sales data. They’re delivering in-depth, actionable eCommerce analysis that would normally require a seasoned team to generate.

-Colby Garrett, Schoolhouse Electric

It was like we were playing pin the tail on the donkey, then Bridgetown took the blinder off and we could see where and how to hit our target.

-Patrick Triato, Goodwell Co

​​We desperately needed tactile and actionable information to better serve our customers, Bridgetown delivered.

​​-Anonymous Customer

We have worked with Bridgetown for many years. They are wonderful to work with because they take the time to fully understand our needs and deliver a product that not only meets them but is easy to understand and work with.

​​-Mack Young, Lacamas Laboratories

hit sales targets

  1. Understand the metrics driving revenue
  2. Recommendations to  improve performance
  3. Discover new opportunities for growth

improve marketing efficiency

  1. Discover where your money is most effectively allocated
  2. Detailed funnel analysis to improve strategy
  3. Reduce customer acquisition cost & increase volume

products & buying behavior

  1. What SKUs attract the best new customers
  2. Develop behavior based bundle & pricing strategies
  3. Learn what SKUs are helping & hurting your business

a data analyst for your team

  1. A steady stream of actionable data-driven recommendations
  2. Automated dashboards based on best in class analysts
  3. A deeper understanding of your business

common questions

how much does it cost?
For a Shopify/Google Analytics implementation a subscription costs $500 per month. Additional data sources and integrations are available, for additional monthly fees
how long does it take to get started?
We can get your instance up and running in less than 24 hours after a simple setup. After that data will update daily (by default) or more frequently depending on your needs.
What other systems are you integrated with?
MySQL, Redshift, SQL Server, Amazon S3, Aurora, Goolgle Drive. The platform also accepts flat file (csv) data loads from users.
Do I need training to use this? I’m worried about learning a whole new set of software skills.
Bridgetown gathers, analyzes, and presents the results, right out of the box. You don’t need to know anything about setting up dashboards or moving data around – we take care of those nuts and bolts so you can focus on your business.

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